Our new baby

Yesterday we collected our new baby, the Wild Boar Campers Razorback forward-fold camper trailer. Brand spanking new, built just for us. Paul and his crew at Wild Boar really looked after us – and threw in a heap of freebies as well. Can’t fault their service 🙂

Brandon had to make all sorts of modifications to his car to tow this camper because it’s approximately 1.5 tonne. (Some modifications were also for driver and passenger comfort, such as new XR Falcon seats in the front and a centre console Waeco 10.5 litre fridge.) New shocks, new springs, an electric brake system, a new tow tongue, a new rear bar to move the spare wheel from under the car to up on the bar, new rear-mounted Anderson plug… the list goes on. There is still more to do before we go to make our tow vehicle more comfortable but for now, we can at least get the camper out of the showroom and on to our property!

Speaking of which, here she is, coming home…

We’ll add more pictures and videos as we get out and about and get used to towing it, but for now it’s time to open her up and season the canvas to make sure we don’t get any leaks! (and don’t ask me to ever reverse this thing – I take 5 attempts to reverse a box trailer at the tip – this camper is going to be a real challenge for me!)



3 thoughts on “Our new baby

  1. Tony Koch January 16, 2017 / 7:46 am

    Bonus marks for reversing up a sloped curved driveway!

    Liked by 1 person

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