Let’s go shopping!

“Our first test run of the new camper is this weekend! Eek! Better go shopping!”

Nothing like some last minute panic to make you realise just how much you have to do. We have booked ourselves in for two nights at the Treasure Island Holiday Park on the Gold Coast this coming weekend but up until a few days ago, the camper had been reversed up the drive way, opened up to season the canvas, and then closed and left alone. Time to get geared up if we plan to spend some time with her this weekend!

Off we go to Anaconda, Tentworld and Outback Adventures to track down the items on our ever expanding list. Add this to the bundle of goodies given to us by the Wild Boar folks, and we’re almost set. But gosh it takes a lot to set up a camper! Seen below are just some of the ‘staples’ we need (roughly from left to right):

  • chock/ramp thingies to stop the 1.5 tonne camper from rolling down a hill and smashing into some poor unsuspecting bovine’s paddock…
  • chemical toilet (supplied with camper)
  • folding aluminium step (so the shorter legged, most likely furry, members of our family don’t struggle to get up into the camper)
  • gas hot water system (probably more for my comfort than anyone else’s, truth be told; also supplied with camper)
  • cutlery, crockery and a full supply of kitchen torture devices implements (some supplied, others purchased)
  • gas lighter (supplied)
  • 4-slice toaster (just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you want to wait for one slice at a time!)
  • Egg carrier (supplied)
  • Pots and pans
  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket (supplied)
  • Foam mats and PVC annex matting
  • Water hose and hose bag
  • Chairs
  • Collapsible rubbish bin
  • Foot stools (who said you can’t be comfortable when camping – also useful as tables for shorter legged non-furry family members)
  • New pillows
  • Bedding (not shown – currently hanging on line after a pre-wash)


And after all that, we’re still not finished! The kitchen supply box needs a bit of attention – we want to get it set up so that we don’t need to keep taking stuff from our home kitchen every time we go anywhere (except perishables) so a big grocery shop is also in order (salt and pepper, oil, sauces, canned goods, measuring cups, sharp knives, etc etc)


Brandon also decided, quite wisely, that we should probably put the annex up before we go so we can be sure we know what we’re doing. I don’t think Brandon is as comfortable with looking like a fool as I am – I’ve spent too many years running in a tutu I guess 😉 I don’t mind wandering around looking like I have no clue, battering my eye lids and asking for help from fellow campers. But I suspect Brandon would probably find that troubling 😉 So we went with Be Prepared. Probably just as well. Turns out that to zip the annex on at the highest point in the camper’s roof, you really need to be quite tall. As much of our family is of the shorter-legged variety, a ladder was in order. Better add ‘ladder’ to the list of staples needed!

But we did it – and to be honest, if we were setting up from go to woe (hopefully not ‘woe’, hopefully ‘wo’) in one hit rather than hunting around looking for ladders and stabilising the camper to stop it rolling down the driveway and into the neighbour’s pool etc, the whole process probably would have taken 20 mins tops. Honest. No, really (to be tested this weekend!)

[In our haste to prepare our camper, we forgot it was also back to school time. Bugger! 😦 Nothing like covering books at 1am on the night before school starts. Thank you to Grandma for starting The Big Book Cover Adventure. Your technique was vastly better than mine – Charlotte’s exercise books now resemble a ‘touch and feel’ topographical map of the Great Dividing Range. Thankfully she and I are both working on reducing our perfectionist streak and we were both quite accepting of the finished product. Although Charlotte was heard to utter “I don’t think a pin is going to help those air bubbles”! Precious, forgiving soul. Never again – book covers all way from now on.]

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