This little piggy went to market…

We three piggies went to the Moreton Bay Caravan and Camping show recently with the intention of buying ourselves a new piggy. But not the kind that oinks, rather the kind that burns! (there may be some crackling involved too…)

OzPig is a great little beast – useful for both heating and cooking. We’ve been eyeing them off for a while now, and with an Easter trip coming up that may get a bit chilly, we thought we’d make the most of a possible ‘show special’ and head on down to the Redcliffe Showgrounds to see what the OzPig crew had to offer us. OzPig is like the camper’s equivalent of a brazier but a little more fancy. It is fully enclosed and has a chimney with a spark arrestor at the top of the chimney. With the optional vented door and off-set chimney kits, you can essentially have a wood heater you can use under your annex. Best of all, fires in the OzPig are considered ‘fully contained’ which means most national parks will still allow you to use the OzPig even when fires are not permitted. Ticks all the boxes for us 🙂

The OzPig looks like this:ozpig_stock-photo

When you pack it away, the legs and chimney all come apart and fit inside the unit itself so the whole thing ends up being slightly smaller than a 9kg gas bottle. The dimensions are 41.5cm x 36.5cm x 41cm and the unit weighs about 17kg.

In addition to being a heat source, the OzPig will also be an additional cooking surface for us. If we set up camp where there isn’t a fire pit close by or we want something with quick and easy access to the camper, we’ll set up the OzPig and put the camp oven on top. I’m very much looking forward to trying out some of the great camp oven recipes I’m finding, including these from the OzPig website. (Note: while the OzPig brand also make a camp oven, the price for theirs is ridiculous so we’ll settle for the good old cheapie we’ll pick up at a camping store.) I can also make pizzas on the OzPig BBQ plate – outstanding!

Here we are bringing the OzPig home and setting it up for the first time. It seemed a bit odd setting up a fire in the pool enclosure but we were keen to give it a go. We needed to make sure the firewood was the right size (the OzPig people say the size of a soft drink can is the perfect size) and it’s fair to say that our fire-lighting skills are a tad rusty. But we got their in the end 😉 No doubt we’ll get plenty of practice on the road – the Tasmanian in me certainly remembers how to run a good fire!

One of the things I loved the most about our test run of the OzPig was the smell – I’ve completely forgotten how much I love the smell of wood smoke and how much it reminds me of camping and the Australian bush (thankfully I don’t have any traumatic memories about bush fires etc so I can be innocent in my love of the smell). I’m really looking forward to using this little piggy more in the months to come.



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